Library Use & Conduct

Food & Drink

Food is permitted in the libraries, however, we ask that you help us maintain a clean and pest-free environment to aid in the preservation of the library’s collection and keep your study spaces looking nice. Please dispose of all trash in the appropriate containers. Report any spills that you cannot effectively clean up to the AskUs service desk so that appropriate action can be taken.

Quiet Study

The Libraries recognize the need for quiet, individual library study spaces, since other areas on campus can be busy and distracting to those who need to focus. Expectations for designated quiet study areas are: no talking, no cell phone use, and silencing of all electronic devices and speakers (ear buds should be kept at lower volume). Cell phones may be used in stairwells and public corridors. Quiet study areas are primarily self-policing with the expectation that everyone is there for this type of study.

Study Rooms

Study rooms are meant to support academic study and research and are available for use by current Texas A&M University students, staff and faculty for academic activities (i.e. studying for a class, course related projects, research). Individual Study Rooms are intended for quiet individual study and Group Study Rooms are intended for two or more people. Individuals should use the individual study rooms.