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Events Calendar

Unexpected Treasures on Campus Exhibit opens Exhibit

Unexpected Treasures on Campus Exhibit opens

January 18 – April 22

The Cushing Memorial Library and Archives is pleased to announce their new exhibition, showcasing unique and rare items from the campus collections. 

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6th Annual Human Library at the University Libraries event

6th Annual Human Library at the University Libraries

Wednesday, March 09, 2022

The Human Library Events aim to create dialogue and deeper understanding in the Aggie community. At the Human Library Events, ‘Readers’ will have the opportunity to sign up and interact with a Human Book to ask questions, learn more and share experiences. This will offer a chance for an individual or a small group of Readers to have a 30-minute conversation to learn more about the Book's individual experiences.

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Research Data Management Workshops Workshop Series

Research Data Management Workshops


The University Libraries offer workshops on a variety of research data management topics that provide best practices for all disciplines. Attendance at these workshops fulfill requirements for the G.R.A.D. Aggies Certificate Program and the Responsible Conduct of Research Supplemental Training Program. Workshops are online via Zoom unless otherwise specified.

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Publishing and Copyright Workshops Workshop Series

Publishing and Copyright Workshops

Spring Semester

The University Libraries will be offering workshops for researchers on copyright and how it relates to the publication of articles, dissertations, or theses. Please see the check individual listings for descriptions of each workshop. All workshops may be taken for G.R.A.D. Aggies credit, and all of them will be held online.

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The Studio Workshops Workshop Series

The Studio Workshops

Spring Semester

Come visit The Studio and see what our 2022 Spring classes have to offer. Classes are open to TAMU students, staff and faculty and best of all, the classes are free.

The Studio provides specialized services and tools for creating and editing graphics, video, audio, and multimedia projects. Our goal is to provide the Texas A&M University community with multimedia tools, expert assistance, and educational programming to support the creation of media-enriched instructional projects.

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Citation Management Tools Workshops Workshop Series

Citation Management Tools Workshops

Spring Semester

The University Libraries is offering a series of workshops on citation management tools. Learn to use one of these tools to save, organize, and easily cite your references in your assignments, articles, or thesis and dissertation. If you are unsure which citation management tool matches your needs, please visit our guide by clicking here: Citation Management Tools

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