Open Access to Knowledge Fund (OAKFund)

New funding is available for the 2020-2021 OAKFund.

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The Open Access to Knowledge Fund (OAKFund) at Texas A&M University underwrites publication charges for scholarly journal articles, book chapters, and books published in fully Open Access publications.

OAKFund supports Texas A&M University's commitment to the Compact for Open Access Publishing Equity, and is administered by the Office of Scholarly Communications at the University Libraries. Read more about OAKFund Goals.

The OAKFund has benefitted from strong support for the past couple of years from the Office of the Vice President of Research and the University Libraries. Last year, this support allowed us last year to fund open access publications authored by 248 faculty, staff and graduate students from 11 colleges/research organizations and five campuses.

FY 2020/2021 Funds

Please note: For FY21, due to the loss of funding for OAKFund from the Office of the VPR, we can only fund one paper per author per year, with the funding cap per paper set to $2,000. We in the Libraries regret any inconvenience.

Texas A&M Status
Faculty and full-time researchers, including graduate students
Total Funds
Funding Provider
Texas A&M University Libraries

PeerJ Memberships

OAKFund also offers a limited number of PeerJ Lifetime Publication Plans. Eligible authors must have an article accepted for publication in PeerJ. Unlike a one-time payment of publication charges, PeerJ membership lasts a lifetime, allowing an author to publish one article per year. Even if eligible authors leave Texas A&M University, future publications accepted in PeerJ will be free of charge.

OAKFund offers authors a Basic Plan, providing one free publication per year in PeerJ. Read more about  PeerJ Memberships.

OAKFund Application

Eligibility requires a "Yes" to all 8 questions:

  1. Are you a Texas A&M University Faculty Member, Full-Time Research Staff or Graduate Student?
    Read more about Author Eligibility.
  2. Is your work a peer-reviewed journal article, book chapter, or book?
  3. Has your work been accepted for publication at this time?
  4. Will your work be Open Access immediately upon publication?
  5. Does the publication venue journal or book provide Open Access to all peer-reviewed contributions?
    Read more about Publication Eligibility.
  6. Will approved funds be used to help underwrite processing charges related to publishing in the venue?
    Read more about Funding Caps and Coauthor Distribution.
  7. Can you confirm that you do not have another source of funding including grants to cover publication processing charges?
    Read more about Funding Rules.
  8. Do you agree to have your work added to the Texas A&M University OAKTrust repository after publication?
    Read more about the OAKTrust Repository Submission.

If you answered "Yes" to all of the above, go ahead and apply.

Online Application

Applicants will receive notification within 5 – 7 days of submission.
If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of Scholarly Communications at:

Eligibility Details

Author Eligibility

Eligible authors include current members of the Faculty, Full-Time Research Staff, or Graduate Student at Texas A&M University. This includes Faculty assigned to the College Station, Galveston, and Qatar campuses. Members of affiliated State Agencies who hold joint appointments at Texas A&M University are also welcome to apply for funds.

Applicants may include eligible coauthors in their application, please read about Funding Caps and Coauthor Distribution.

Publication Eligibility

Eligible works include peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and scholarly monographs approved for publication after September 1, 2016.

In order to be eligible, the publication venue must be fully Open Access. The publisher must make their entire publication freely available online; meaning that the publisher distributes all articles in a journal, or chapters in a book, as Open Access. "Hybrid" Open Access publication venues and publication venues with delayed Open Access models are ineligible.

  • Full Open Access: Eligible. Publishers providing immediate and free online access to all peer-reviewed material they publish.
  • "Hybrid" Open Access: Ineligible. Publishers charging subscription or access fees for published material unless authors pay to make only their work freely available in the venue. Many consider this practice to be "double-dipping."
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) maintains a list of open access journals, many of which will be eligible. 
  • HowOpenIsIt? provides information about evaluating Open Access in publication venues. 
  • Find My Librarian to ask your subject librarian discipline-specific questions about journals and publishers.

Funding Rules

The OAKFund is a limited resource intended to support Open Access publishing across Texas A&M University. Funding for publications that comply with the author and publication eligibility criteria will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis according to the funding rules.

Approved funds may only be used to cover publication processing charges. We expect researchers to first request funding for Open Access publication from their funding agencies. For example, the National Institutes of Health, the Wellcome Trust, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute will fund Open Access publication as part of research grants.

If other funding sources are unavailable, we welcome your application to OAKFund.

Funding Caps and Coauthor Distribution: *New this year*

Eligible authors may receive funding for one OA article per fiscal year.

  • This limit counts for both multiple-authored and single-authored articles.
  • This is a yearly cap, it applies to the fiscal year in which an application is submitted. In no way does the cap roll over to future years.

Approved applications will receive a maximum payment of $2,000 to support publication of the work.

  • This cap applies regardless of the number of eligible coauthors.

Please note, the cap for funding available through the OAKFund does not include membership in PeerJ. Use of PeerJ memberships by eligible faculty or researchers does not diminish eligibility for funding through the OAKFund. Please see Other Author Assistance Programs for information about PeerJ and other opportunities.

OAKFund Goals

The goals of the OAKFund at Texas A&M University are to:

  1. Increase access to Texas A&M research and scholarship
  2. Support and encourage innovative models of scholarly publishing that take advantage of digital and networking technologies
  3. Help cover costs for Texas A&M faculty and researchers publishing materials to open-access venues

Annual Reports, reporting on the outcomes and impacts of this program can be downloaded from the OAKTrust repository.

OAKTrust Repository Submission

The Office of Scholarly Communications will deposit final published versions of works supported by the OAKFund into the OAKTrust repository. The  OAKTrust repository is Texas A&M University’s institutional repository.

Faculty are encouraged to self-submit their work, both published and unpublished scholarly work. To find out more about OAKTrust visit the  OAKTrust Information page.
Or contact:

More Information

Questions regarding OAKFund reimbursements should be directed to the University Libraries’ Business Services Office. General questions regarding the scope and rationale for the OAKFund may be emailed to the Office of Scholarly Communications at: