Open Access Publishing Opportunities

What is Open Access Publishing?

Open Access (OA) publishing refers to the free and open availability of research articles online. Meaning that readers can access resources free of cost without going through an institutional subscription. The cost of publishing is instead placed on the authors. This model increases the potential reach of the scholarly works, but can be cost restrictive.

What the Libraries Offer

Texas A&M University Libraries have negotiated agreements with specific publishers that allow researchers to publish open access articles free of charge or at a discounted rate.

To be eligible, the corresponding author must be currently affiliated with Texas A&M University.

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Free Open Access Options

Texas A&M researchers can publish Gold and hybrid open access articles at no additional cost to all journals from the following publishers. The number of publications is unlimited unless indicated otherwise.

ARTICLE Processing Charge (APC) Discounts

The following publishers provide Texas A&M researchers a discount for the article processing charge.

Publisher Company Discount
biomed central logo BioMed Central 15% APC discount
Elsevier Logo Elsevier - Gold Core 15% APC discount
Elsevier Logo Elsevier - Hybrid Core 10% APC discount
mdpi logo Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute 10% APC discount

Note: Texas A&M does not endorse any publishing entity. Publishing destination decisions are at the author’s discretion.

OAKTrust: Institutional Repository

OAKTrust is the institutional repository for Texas A&M University and is intended to collect, preserve, and distribute the scholarly output of the university. Faculty are encouraged to self-submit their work, published and unpublished, to OAKTrust. More information about how to submit your work can be found on our OAKTrust Digital Repository page or by emailing us at:

Additional Resources

SciPost: publishes 13 open access journals with no author fees.

The Directory of Open Access Journals

HowOpenIsIt? A Guide for Evaluating the Openness of Journals

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