File Formats

OAK Trust (Digital Repository) accepts work in any digital format; however, submission in a file format listed below is strongly encouraged. The formats listed below are considered relatively stable and therefore facilitate long-term preservation efforts. These formats exhibit all or many of the following characteristics: open documentation; support across a range of software platforms; wide adoption; no compression (or lossless compression); no embedded files or embedded programs/scripts; and non-proprietary format. For additional information on the Repository’s preservation strategy, please see the Preservation Policy.

Textual Formats File Extensions
Acrobat PDF/A .pdf
Comma-Separated Values .csv
Open Office Formats .odt, .ods, .odp
Plain Text (US-ASCII, UTF-8) .txt
XML .xml
Image/Graphic Formats File Extensions
JPEG .jpg
JPEG2000 .jp2, .jpf
PNG .png
SVG 1.1 (no Java binding) .svg
TIFF .tif, .tiff
Audio Formats File Extensions
AIFF .aif, .aiff
WAVE .wav
Video Formats File Extensions
AVI (uncompressed) .avi
Motion JPEG2000 .mj2, .mjp2