Texas A&M University Archived Catalogs

The Undergraduate and Graduate and Professional catalogs provide information about the academic programs of Texas A&M University to students, prospective students, faculty and staff of the University.

Texas A&M University Archived Catalogs

This archive is a culmination of Texas A&M University catalogs beginning in 1876. The information included in these volumes and the way it is presented varies quite a bit, especially in the formative years. The official title for the catalogs fluctuates as well; therefore, for archival and searching purposes, these volumes will be referenced as University Catalogs and include the academic year.

These catalogs are in searchable Portable Data Format (PDF). All campus publications are included within this archive and they give a complete look at the curriculum for each location and college, including curriculum developed before the school or campus was incorporated into Texas A&M University. The most recent versions of the Texas A&M University Catalogs are located at https://catalog.tamu.edu/ in html format, as well as PDF.


Historical Facts

  • 1951-52 University Graduate Catalog—First Independent Graduate Catalog Published
  • 1999-2001 Texas A&M University Health Science Center Catalog—First Catalog
  • 2007-08 Texas A&M University at Qatar—First Catalog
  • 1962-63 Texas A&M University at Galveston—First Catalog as Texas Maritime Academy
  • 2014-15 School of Law acquired by Texas A&M University and incorporated into Texas A&M University Graduate and Professional Catalog
1887-8 Course Catalog First page

Other Campus Archived Catalogs