Libraries and eCampus

The Libraries are working with the Canvas team for library integrations within Canvas. This page will be updated when this process is complete.

The Libraries are a great partner for your instruction both in-person and in eCampus. From linking to library databases to answering reference questions, the Libraries welcome all types of engagement.

Embedded Librarians

All librarians at Texas A&M are able to be added to an eCampus course. They can partner with you in many different ways.

Types of Interactions
  • Embed library material
  • Hold virtual office hours
  • Create information literacy modules
  • Develop Research Guide specifically for a course
Roles in eCampus

It’s easy to add a librarian to a course. You’ll just add them as one of two roles:

  • Course Builder: The most common role to add a librarian as. They will be able to add content and interact with students but will not have access to student grades.
  • Alternate Instructor: If your librarians is assisting with assignments and need access to the grade book.
Find My Librarian

Not sure who your librarian is? Use Find My Librarian to get contact information and schedule a meeting.  

Embedding Library Material in Your Course

Library material is easily embedded within eCampus and can be done in a way to keep in accordance with copyright laws.


Within eCampus, there is a Tool called “Library Resources”. Using this tool you can directly embed Research Guides and library databases into your course. 


It’s best practice to link to an article rather than upload a PDF. This way you avoid violating the libraries licensing agreements, copyright laws, and common accessibility issues. Librarians embedded in your eCampus course can assist you with adding links to library resources.


You can add links to eBooks from the library collection.  Some eBooks have limits on the number of students that can access the book simultaneously, so make sure to discuss eBook access with your librarian.

Streaming Media
Video Databases

The Libraries' licenses streaming media databases with videos that can be embedded within your course.  Your librarian can help you identify streaming media within our collection.


Reserves and Mediasite

The Libraries can digitize films from our collection to be placed on Mediasite that can be embedded within your course.


  1. If you do not have a course in eCampus, request an eCampus course.
  2. Enabled Mediasite within your eCampus course (instructions).
  3. Complete the streaming media request form.


  • Streaming media requests are processed in a queue and may take up to 7 days. Once your request is fulfilled you’ll receive an email confirmation from Media and Reserves staff.
  • You don’t need to fill out a separate form for each request; you can do one request and add additional titles that you need for your course in the “Additional Comments” section.
  • If you need additional info or help with streaming media, please contact Media and Reserves.