The Medical Sciences Library Expands Clinical Resources

By Marketing and Communications | 06-12-2024

Students, faculty and staff at Texas A&M University now have access to point-of-care clinical decision support for thousands of patient care questions via UpToDate, an online, evidence-based clinical tool made available by the university’s Medical Sciences Library.

UpToDate, available on desktops and mobile devices, gives practitioners a better understanding of patient treatment and care plans, covering over 11,500 topics in 25 specialties as well as 1,500 patient education topics.

Additional features include:

  • A Lexidrug interaction database tool that provides access to over 6,300 adult, pediatric and international drug topics
  • 190 clinical calculators including emergency medicine and pediatrics calculators
  • References to PubMed - Access full-text articles in the PubMed references link
  • Recommendations graded by strength and quality of evidentiary support

Download the App Today!

The Medical Sciences Library is UpToDate. UpToDate is Here! Enhanced access to: A drug interactions database, PubMed References, Medical Calculators, & much more! For Texas A&M Health. Download the UpToDate app!


Contact the Medical Sciences Library at or 979-845-7428.


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