Remote Storage (JLF)

The Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) and the University of Texas System (UTS) collaborated to build the Joint Library Facility (JLF), a high density print repository facility on Texas A&M University (TAMU) – Rellis Campus in 2013. This facility allows all libraries in both university systems to store print items on its shelves and rests on the foundation of the Resource In Common (RIC) model.

The RIC model is grounded on the fact that from one library collection to another there is substantial duplication. It is common knowledge in the library world that libraries frequently buy the same high demand monographs and serials so that they are readily available to their users. However, once these print materials are no longer in high demand it is not essential that these duplicates be stored at multiple libraries. Consequently, participating JLF libraries are selecting one copy of their low use items to be classified as a RIC, placing it in the JLF to be shared by all participating JLF libraries, and when appropriate, withdraw their local copies.

Thanks to JLF, the Texas A&M University System and University of Texas System libraries are gaining critically needed space for library user needs and university-wide space needs. Regardless of the scenario, libraries are able to develop new services and spaces that better meet the needs of their patrons since library space continues to be heavily utilized. For more information please visit the Joint Library Facility website.