New Databases

  • CQ Press
  • GeoScienceWorld
    Provides access to more than 50 scholarly journals in the Earth Sciences.
  • Optica Publishing Group
    Optica Publishing Group's portfolio offers the largest collection of peer-reviewed optics and photonics content. This cutting-edge repository includes content from 20 prestigious publications, co-publications, and papers from more than 1,150 events, including associated videos. With more than 460,000 journal articles, conference papers, and videos to search, discover, and access, Optica Publishing Group represents the full range of research in the field from around the globe.
  • Sage
    A centralized hub for all Sage Learning Resources.

    Includes the following collections:

    • Sage Research Methods
    • Sage Business
    • Sage Skills
    • Sage Video
    • Sage Data
    • Sage Campus
    • CQ Press
    • Sage Reference & Academic Books
  • Sage Business
    Created in partnership with leading international experts, Sage Business provides an unbeatable suite of relatable, multidimensional content from diverse perspectives. From cases to theory and practice to professional skills, it supports students from day one on campus through to landing that first job post-graduation.

    Sage Business includes the following collections:

    • Business Cases
    • Business Foundations
    • Business Skills
    • Business Video
    • Business Reference & Academic Books
    • Sage Research Methods Business
    • Sage Research Methods Video: Market Research
    • Sage Data
  • Sage Reference & Academic Books
    Learn from the ultimate social sciences digital library, with scholarly texts, reference works, handbooks, and professional development titles.
  • Sage Skill: Student Success
    Student Success provides practical academic and personal skills students need to thrive both in higher education and in their future career. Topics are delivered through multimedia and interactive content and cover core skills including academic writing, critical thinking, information literacy, intercultural awareness, and study strategies.
  • Sage Skills: Business
    Business Skills empowers users to develop and practice real-world skills needed to successfully transition from campus to the modern workplace through interactive self-assessment, virtual scenarios, downloadable data, and expert insights.
  • Translated Texts for Historians E-Library
    The Translated Texts for Historians E-Library makes available historical sources from A.D. 300-800 translated into English, in many cases for the first time. This indispensable collection contains over 80 volumes from the following series: Translated Texts for Historians, Translated Texts for Historians Contexts, and Translated Texts for Byzantinists.