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About the Staff Advisory Council (SAC)

The TAMU Libraries Staff Advisory Council (SAC) serves as a deliberative and advisory body to the University Librarian on matters of significant interest and importance to the staff of the Libraries. The SAC encourages input from staff, development of ideas, and generates recommendations for improvement of the Libraries. The SAC is also responsible for maintaining and reviewing the TAMU Libraries Staff Guidelines.

The Council does not replace the established channels for employee disputes handled by Human Resources & Payroll.  In the event of a complaint or grievance, library staff should follow the Complaint & Grievance Process for Nonfaculty Employees.

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Libraries personnel are invited and encouraged to share work life environment thoughts related to:

  • Questions
  • Unrest (things that you think the Libraries can improve on)
  • Innovations
  • Comments 
  • Kudos

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