Preservation connects our past with our future

The Libraries’ Preservation Unit’s two-pronged approach to preservation allows maximum physical availability and digital accessibility to our collections.

Conservation requires a state of the art lab staffed with trained professionals who have experience executing this exacting and specific work.

Additionally, the unit is consistently working to digitize our collections including rare books, photographs, maps, artworks, videos and all of the materials in the Texas A&M University Archives–all requiring a significant number of man hours to complete.

Preservation allows us to provide

  • Conservation to fragile, artistic and historic items so they remain physically available to students and researchers
  • Digitized versions of resources increasing the item’s accessibility to researchers across the globe
  • Maintenance of artifacts related to our Aggie story whether held in the Libraries or across campus

Funding needs

  • Equipment and Furnishings
    This includes scanners, cutters and other specialized items unique to preservation lab
  • Named Conservator Position/Endowment - $1.0 million total
  • Digitization of our Collections/Archives including scanning equipment and personnel