Our Spaces


Students visit our spaces more than 3 million times every year

Renovations allow the Libraries to alter our current spaces to meet the needs of current and future students as well as the opportunity to create new spaces. New spaces include flexible classrooms providing more opportunities to teach students how to become fearless researchers as they learn how to work to solve global challenges.

Because of the number of students we see every year, renovations also include new furnishings and equipment–a constant challenge for us. As Texas A&M continues to grow, we will also need to think about new buildings, especially on the west campus where residents currently only have access to several specialized libraries with limited resources.


  • Need flexible spaces rife with technology and/or the ability to utilize their personal technology
  • Want the libraries to be open as close to 24/7 as possible
  • Need spaces that allow for collaboration with their peers if they expect to be successful in class

Funding needs

  • Furnishings
  • Equipment